Common Signs A Conservatory Needs Repairing

Offering valuable extra living space, plenty of natural light, and great views of the garden, conservatories remain a popular addition to a property. To ensure this versatile space can be enjoyed all year round, it is important to repair any wear and tear that could cause lasting damage to the conservatory. Read on to explore the common signs that your conservatory needs repairing, including:

Leaking conservatory roof
Extreme temperatures
Separation from the seals
Damaged glass
Misty windows


Leaking Conservatory Roof


Over time, exposure to the elements can cause a leak in a conservatory roof, which can lead to damp and mould throughout the home. Roof vents can often be the source of a leak if worn or faulty, while damaged roof panels can allow water to enter the conservatory. Faulty or blocked guttering can also lead to a leak, as well as any damage to the watertight flashing that joins the roof to your house.


Extreme Temperatures


If a conservatory is freezing cold in winter and too hot during the summer, it may need repairing. Extreme temperatures can be caused by gaps in the roof which allow cold draughts to enter the space, or damage to the sealant around the glazing.


Separation From The Seals


A cold conservatory can also be a sign that the sealant is separating from the brickwork of the house, allowing a draught to enter where the conservatory joins the main property. This is more common if the conservatory was installed as an extension.


Damaged Glass


One of the most obvious signs that a conservatory needs repairing is damage to the glass panels or windows. Whether caused by the elements or a wayward football, chips and cracks to the glass can grow over time and increase the likelihood of leaks or cold draughts.


Misty Windows


A broken seal can cause mist or condensation inside the glazing unit, which indicates that the double glazing needs replacing. If your view of the garden has become obstructed, it might be time to have your conservatory windows replaced.


Enquire About Conservatory Repairs


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