Can Double Glazing Be Repaired?

Double glazed windows feature two panes of glass with a space between and are popular for the great levels of soundproofing and thermal insulation they provide. The design of double glazing means it is much better at keeping heat inside the home than old fashioned single glazing, while also blocking out more traffic and street noise.

Double glazing is now the standard type of window, with most homeowners having replaced dated and draughty single glazing with modern double glazed windows. But what if double glazing becomes damaged? Can a double glazed window be repaired, or will it need to be replaced?

Can Double Glazing Crack?

Changing temperatures can cause cracks to appear in double glazing – for example, if conditions are cold overnight, a beam of morning sunlight could cause a sudden change in temperature that cracks the glass.

This can also occur when double glazed windows are located above a radiator. Turning the radiator on during a cold day will cause a blast of hot air to hit the glass, which can in turn lead to cracking.

Double glazing can also crack over time if it has been badly installed or if the glass itself is of poor quality.

Can Double Glazing Shatter?

Although much tougher than old, single glazed windows, double glazing can sometimes shatter. As mentioned, the winter months can take their toll on double glazed windows. When it’s warm inside the house but cold outside and sunlight hits the glass, it can cause the pane to shatter as well as crack.

Scratches in the glass which occur during manufacture or installation can also create weak points which could shatter under impact.

Can Double Glazing Be Repaired When Damaged?

Damaged double glazing is not only unsightly, but can lead to cold draughts, damp, and noise. Fortunately, many common double glazing faults can be easily repaired by replacing the affected pane of glass, rather than replacing the entire window. This makes double glazing repair an affordable alternative to new windows.

Whether your double glazed windows have become damaged over time, or poor installation is causing problems, having the windows repaired will keep your home warm, dry, and quiet, while also reducing heat loss and preventing excessive energy bills.

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