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Patio Door Repairs


Patio Door Repair Service

How have patio doors changed people’s lifestyles, and where can Warwickshire householders turn when they need uPVC patio door repairs?  Read on to find out.

It was only a few decades ago that patio doors would have looked out of place on the average UK home.  At that time, large double doors opening onto outside recreational areas where features we associated with house styles of the Iberian Peninsula and the Mediterranean coast, not redbrick semis in British suburbs.  Older houses which did have double doors were built so that the entrance opened onto a hall or vestibule, to limit draughts and heat loss during the harsh winter months.

How things have changed!  These days, anyone who buys a family home that doesn’t already have at least one set of patio doors will likely consider having some installed as quickly as possible, in order to enjoy their garden environments during the long, hot summers typical of recent years.  Of course, ‘patio doors’ are more than just exterior double doors, whether they actually lead to a patio area or not.  We expect them to be large glass doors which give a feeling of airy openness even when we are sat indoors, and usually lead directly to the garden from a lounge or dining room.

Double Glazed Patio Doors

What has made it possible to fit such doors to most types of UK housing?  The difference is that sealed double-glazed units within made-to-measure frames offer far better protection from the elements than even the best fitted doors and windows of yesteryear.  Modern double-glazed patio doors allow householders to look out on even a midwinter scene of snow and ice while remaining snug and warm indoors.  The technology and standards of workmanship which have made such lifestyle changes possible are now commonplace, and we can all be grateful for these developments.

The problem occurs when a fault develops.  When double glazed units turn cloudy, it’s a sure sign that the seal has failed and that warmth will leak from your home on cold days.  It can be tiresome when a single window needs replacing, but patio doors are much larger in area, and therefore present a much bigger problem when they break.  Pretty soon, your house could end up like those draughty old mansions from a century ago.

French Patio Door Double Glazing Repair

At Misty To Clear Warwick, we can repair any type of double glazed installation, and that includes French patio door repair.  Damaged windows and doors can seriously impact the thermal efficiency of your home, so this is not a matter to be left to chance.  Besides failed seals and cracked panes, there are other parts of patio doors which can wear out over time.  Rest assured, though, we have the skills to perform patio door lock repairs, and to fix worn handles and mechanisms.  We can also make sliding patio door repairs, replacing damaged channels when necessary.

Don’t leave your property vulnerable to the winter chills.  Contact Misty To Clear to find out more about our professional patio door repair services.