Double Glazing Repairs

At Misty To Clear, we specialise in window repair and replacement services from our Coventry base. With over twenty-five years of experience, we provide a variety of services to local customers and those in surrounding areas, including double glazing repairs. Today we are going to focus on reasons why double-glazing windows may need a repair, whether they can be repaired, and what we can do for you as part of our double-glazing repair services.

Double Glazing Repairs



If you have noticed your room is cold, and can feel a draught coming from your double-glazed windows, there may be a problem with your double-glazed window seals. You may even be able to hear the draught on windy days. Draughts can be a serious problem as they can increase the heat loss in your home, which is not only uncomfortable and cold, but can increase the cost of your utility bills.



Again, the culprit for condensation in your double-glazed windows could be the result of faulty seals, whether from a poor initial installation or physical damage over time. Your double-glazing can become cloudy if there are any gaps in the seals as they enable moisture in the air to get through, which becomes trapped between the panes.

Can Double Glazing Windows be Repaired?


Whatever problem you are experiencing with your double-glazed windows, we are sure to be able to repair it. In first instance, we would recommend a repair job rather than a replacement as this can usually solve the problem and works out cheaper for you, as well as being much more efficient and convenient.

When Should I Replace my Double-Glazing?


Although we would at first advise you to allow us to repair your double-glazing windows, if there is an extreme amount of condensation, we may opt to completely replace the windows as the heat loss and damp that can occur as a result of this can also risk damaging the window frame. If you notice leaks letting water inside, excessive noise coming in, visible seal damage, or that the uPVC is yellowing or timber is cracking, making the windows difficult to open and close, then it may be that the windows need replacing.

Our Repair and Replacement Services


Here at Misty To Clear, we offer the latest energy-saving glass, along with a 5-year guarantee on any new double-glazing that we fit. This helps to ensure that you are investing in the best quality products, fitted to the highest possible standard. If you have tried to air the room by opening windows or installing extractors or trickle vents, you may need our double-glazing repair and replacement services.